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NikePlus AR


Nike plays an important role in introducing new trends to the public, so it is the perfect platform for the promotion of AR technology. Thus comes NikePlus AR, a future when AR blends technology and fashion.

Industrial design

What is AR Technology

Augmented reality is an interactive experience that adds computer-generated perceptual information into a real-world environment


Turn Sunglasses Into AR Glasses

Combining sports sunglasses form with consideration of storage space for AR components

AR Glasses Become Fashionable for Everyday Wear

With current AR glasses raising privacy concerns, NikePlus AR does not try to conceal the camera, instead it intentionally exposes it and make it part of the design language

Beat the Record

Race with your best score in real time

Nike Club

Connect and compete with friends on Nike Club, users can set friends as the record figure to chase after

Diet Health Analysis

Food detection and analysis helps you stay on track of eating a scientific and healthy diet

Discover New Routes

Runing should be fun, but alwaying running on the same route is boring. Nike Map automatically updates your locaiton and gives real time exercising suggestions, time to discover the city with new routes! 

Store Application

Get a taste of NikePlus AR in a Nike experience store before purchasing

*NikePlus AR is a student project and it is not affiliated to the brand

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