Vivian Chen

Industrial Designer

Light Symphony


Light Symphony is a light designed to visualize moments in the air, amplifying emotions by making the unseen seen.

The lamp captures real time weather data with a sensor stationed outside of the house, and uses movements of light and shadow to represent the everchanging sensorial emotion that natural wind brings.

Lighting design
Installation art

Lighting and Movements

Wind feels good

How to capture and visualize this sensorial experience?


Inspired by many installation art, I wanted to explore if there’s a way to present artistic expressions through the craft of industrial design.

Olafur Eliasson
Left: Beauty, 1993
Right: A description of a reflection or, a pleasant exercise on its qualities, 1995


I created tables of mock-up studies using various materials in attempt to find a lighting effect that gives the quality of wind—unpredictable, calming, and movement.


Inspired by the shape of a French horn, Light Symphony “sings” and celebrates the unseen around us

With a cable tunning through the wall, the lamp connects to a sensor station outside, which detects wind and temperature outside of the house in real time. The data then gets translated and reflects through the speed of rotation and the warmth of light

Internal Components

A screw on component housing holds all internal reflection mechanisms together

Design Process

Original Prototype

UNSEEN card. Letterpress print. 8.5” x 11”.

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