Vivian Chen

Industrial Designer
A collection of my fun projects ︎

︎︎︎ Flos Phone

A two-week design SolidWorks design challenge. Flos Phone aims to help us separate  from our digital lives by enhancing night-time reading experience.

︎︎︎ The Bunny Show

The first zine that I made in 2016. A series of bunny illustrations was born through an accidental purposeless doodling marathon. Reflecting my thoughts toward human and life through absurd bunny behaviors.

︎︎︎ Bio Bin

Bio Bin is a modular worm composting system for urban residents to compost food waste at home. It focuses on the process of caring, growing, and connecting. The nutrients from the compost can be used to fertilize plants, turning waste into useful resources for another life.

Bio Bin lowers the bar for composting, it is a simple home product that anyone can get and start composting.

In order to make composting accessible to as many people as possible, Bio Bin is designed to the minimal. An inportant aspect of the design is to have minimal part counts to reduce production cost.

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