Vivian Chen

Industrial Designer

Fender Speaker


‘18 Twin Reverb is a portable bluetooth speaker designed for Fender.

While inheriting the look of the Fender family, ‘18 Twin Reverb brings music identity to music enthusiasts in their everyday life.

The final model is a working prototype.

Industrial Design

Fender’s Design Language

Looking at Fender’s current products, Fender combines technical electrial components with natual materials. The most functional shape of the metal components are celebrated as they are

Form Exploration

Exploring shapes and elements that fit the brand, while creating interesting design moments

Sony XB-30 Disassembly

A study of an existing speaker’s structure and components. Understanding each part’s purpose and repurposing these audio components

To scale speaker components drawn on vellum paper

Design Details

The “Fender-ness” is in every detail

Prototyping Process

*Fender Speaker is a student project and it is not affiliated with the brand

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