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In a world where we are surrounded by objects that are mass produced and easily accessible, we are losing our connections with things that we use.

Disconnect. is a chair that helps us to escape mediocrities and bring in connection by showing the obvious disconnection. While sitting in the what feels like a floating chair, we are re-examining our human connection with industrialized objects, with a little magic and joy.

Furniture design

Rethink our connections




Exploded View

Ortho and Dimensions

Design Details

Molded plastic seat covers the metal construction
The disconnecton myth is revealed only when looking from behind

Rubber Feet

Design Process

Early testing of proportions with small mock-ups

Exploration in VR

Using VR to quickly generate forms and view in full scale

Selected 3D models

With the chosen model, I was able to move on to modeling in SolidWorks with relatively close to reality dimensions and reference

2 Design Directions

I decided to proceed with the hidden direction

Physical Model Development

  • Full scale models
  • Back angel adjustments and testing
  • 1/7th 3D printed mock-ups

Changed dimensions after making the full scale model

Minor Proportion 

Disconnect. To Stay Connected

ictusEXPONikePlus ARDisconnect.Bio BinFender Speaker

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